We know better. Actually, you do too. It doesn’t. Most companies have been surprised to lose clients that seemed to be satisfied and, of course, we all have kept clients that just seemed impossible to please. The numbers don’t correlate – they never have.

Sure, a high level of client satisfaction is never a bad thing. Unless, it lulls you into a sense of complacency that a formal and disciplined account management process is somehow less important. Big mistake!

Tenacity’s clients have improved their ability to retain their accounts within a range of five to fifteen points. As a result, they have taken millions of dollars straight to the bottom line, by not buying into “the management theories everyone knows to be true.”

We’ve spent the last 30 years challenging the management myths that simply don’t work in a managed services environment and replaced them with a “best in class” process that does – every time. Right now, the Clients for Life® client retention process protecting just over $23 billion worth of contracts for some of the largest and most successful service management companies in the world.


The success of your organization is largely determined by the revenue and profit from your largest clients. For over 30 years, we have guided executives and managers from B2B service providers in improving commercial results from their key-accounts.


The Key Clients Benchmark helps service providers improve their profitability and market share. We recommend an enhanced focus on the 20% of your accounts generating 80% of your profits. Specific insights into their alignment with your overall strategies, the status of your account management initiatives and an assessment of their risk of defection, could prove invaluable.


When providing services under contract, nothing contributes more to profitable growth than a strong account management strategy and improving the sustainability of profit streams from current accounts. Tenacity provides structured processes to excel in these areas.


Worldwide, Tenacity’s clients have proven they can establish the highest retention rates in their markets. Currently, the Clients for Life® client retention process protects over $23 billion in client contracts with some of the largest and most successful service providers in the world.


The future of an organization depends on its ability to continuously provide Relevant Value to clients. The Clients for Life ® client retention process is a business process that maximizes your organizations capability to provide sustainable value for your clients.

Our 3 Guiding Principles

There are three areas Tenacity® Inc. focuses on to assure your firm can retain and grow the clients you cannot afford to lose. It is our Clients for Life® client retention process.
We are confident that our proven Clients for Life® client retention process will result in increased revenue by protecting and growing those clients you worked so hard to acquire.

9 unique Solutions

Internal Capabilities Assessment
The Internal Capabilities Assessment is a valuable resource designed to help your organization identify its ability to retain your most valued customers.

The results of the assessment will allow your organization’s service lines to objectively create a baseline of the core competencies that are critical to the organization’s Client Retention capabilities
FreshEyes® Review

We will tell you what your clients will not. Tenacity® will interview the key stakeholders that can hire, fire, or influence the decision.

The FreshEyes® Review provides a wealth of information that cannot be gained in any other way.

Now we have the feedback from multiple clients, it becomes possible to make an analysis that shows the dominant themes. We create a common threads analysis based on all reports.
PostMortem Audit® Review
Those who don’t learn are destined to repeat the same mistakes!

A PostMortem Audit® is a forensic qualitative in-person meeting with the former client and a Tenacity® consultant. We help you understand the hierarchy of reasons for lost contracts or sales proposals and prevent recurrence.
Client Retention Impact Calculator
Determine how much revenue Tenacity® can help you protect. Plug in your revenue, new sales and retention rate in our Client Retention Impact Calculator to see how much revenue Tenacity® can help you protect!
Right Clients/Right Terms®

Right Clients/Right Terms® sets a measurable criteria established by your senior management that not only guides your salesforce in selecting potential clients, but also details the terms under which the organization will enter into a contract.

When implemented, Right Clients/Right Terms® allows your resources to be aligned on those opportunities that represent the organization’s strategic objectives & best return on investment.
Lessons Learned and Warning Signs

Lessons Learned provides senior leadership direction and insight on the key reasons business was lost or threatened in the past.

Lessons Learned prevents others from making the same mistakes repeatedly by sharing leadership’s experiences.

Warning Signs are those actions identified by leadership for each Lessons Learned to alert the company when a client is at risk.
Web of Influence®

“When people change, everything has the potential to change.” After people change, it’s too late. There will not be enough time to develop new business relationships.

By developing a Web of Influence® that includes business relationships with at least 3 people within the client’s organization, your business success will not depend on any ONE person.

Client meetings are designed to define and prioritize the mutual expectations of the organizations and the individuals representing them.

Transition meetings are held for new clients after the sale is made but before operations begin.

Expectations Meetings are held annually for existing clients prior to budget time.

Transition Lite meetings are held whenever a key client member changes after the contract begins. The objective is to ensure that there is a set of organizational expectations that have been prioritized by the client team instead of different sets of individual expectations that are often in conflict.
Technical Delivery

Account retention planning is a shift from a tactical to strategic approach by developing short term actions and long-term customer solutions.

Implement a Team Account Retention Plan® to provide an advantage over your competitors by producing a formal retention process in advance of a contract going out to bid or up for renewal.

Revelation X® helps to determine the potential value gap with your customer NOW! Relevant Value must be sustained by identifying new solutions to decrease that Gap!