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If You Think High Client Satisfaction Leads to Great
Client Retention… PLEASE… Think Again!

We know better. Actually, you do too. It doesn’t. Most companies have been surprised to lose clients that seemed to be satisfied and, of course, we all have kept clients that just seemed impossible to please. The numbers don’t correlate – they never have.

Sure, a high level of client satisfaction is never a bad thing. Unless, it lulls you into a sense of complacency that a formal and disciplined account management process is somehow less important. Big mistake!

Tenacity’s clients have improved their ability to retain their accounts within a range of five to fifteen points. As a result, they have taken millions of dollars straight to the bottom line, by not buying into “the management theories everyone knows to be true.”

We’ve spent the last 30 years challenging the management myths that simply don’t work in a managed services environment and replaced them with a “best in class” process that does – every time. Right now, the Clients for Life Client Retention Process is protecting just over $23 billion worth of contracts for some of the largest and most successful service management companies in the world.

The Books

These books are written for managers in the managed service industry and other service providing companies that work with large contracts and where tenders and price competition are every day’s business.

Key Client Consultants

The success of your organization is largely determined by the revenue and profit from your largest clients. For over 30 years, we have guided boards of directors from B2B service providers in improving commercial results from their key-accounts.

Profitable Growth

When providing services under contract, nothing contributes more to profitable growth as client retention and improving profitability of key-accounts. Tenacity provides solutions to structurally excel in these areas.

Client Retention

Worldwide Tenacity’s clients prove they can establish the highest retention rate in their market. Currently Tenacity’s Clients for Life Client Retention Process protects over $25 billion in client contracts with some of the largest and most successful service providers in the world.


The future of an organization depends on its ability to continuously provide (new) value to clients. The Clients for Life Client Retention Process is a business process that maximizes your organizations competence to unceasingly provide value for your clients.

Key Clients Benchmark

The Tenacity Key Clients Benchmark helps service providers to improve their profitability. The one place that matters most for your profitability are the 20% accounts that make up 80% of your revenue. Insights in the profit possibilities and risk postion of these accounts might prove invaluable for your business.

Management Challenge

The way management thinks, determines where the organization focusses. If there is one think that became clear in our over 30 years’ experience, is that the current results are always the consequence of the current vision/believes in an organization.

Online Learning Program

The Account Management training program covers all parts of the process with the aim of understanding the principles behind the process, the workings of the instruments and how they are connected.

FreshEyes® Review

Forget client satisfaction surveys. What you need is concrete information on the sustainability of the relationship with your most important clients and insight in the strength of your value proposition. Stop client defections before they happen!

PostMortem Audit®

Those who won’t learn are destined to repeat the same mistakes! A PostMortem Audit® is a qualitative research technique designed to assist managed services providers in understanding the reasons for the lost contracts or sales proposals.