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If You Think High Client Satisfaction Leads to Great
Client Retention… PLEASE… Think Again!

We know better. Actually, you do too. It doesn’t. Most companies have been surprised to lose clients that seemed to be satisfied and, of course, we all have kept clients that just seemed impossible to please. The numbers don’t correlate – they never have.

Sure, a high level of client satisfaction is never a bad thing. Unless, it lulls you into a sense of complacency that a formal and disciplined account management process is somehow less important. Big mistake!

Tenacity’s clients have improved their ability to retain their accounts within a range of five to fifteen points. As a result, they have taken millions of dollars straight to the bottom line, by not buying into “the management theories everyone knows to be true.”

We’ve spent the last 30 years challenging the management myths that simply don’t work in a managed services environment and replaced them with a “best in class” process that does – every time. Right now, the Clients for Life™ Client Retention Process is protecting just over $23 billion worth of contracts for some of the largest and most successful service management companies in the world.

The Books

These books are written for managers in the managed service industry and other companies that work with large service contracts where tenders and price competition are business as usual.

Key Client Consultants

The success of your organization is largely determined by the revenue and profit from your largest clients. For over 30 years, we have guided executives and managers from B2B service providers in improving commercial results from their key-accounts.

Profitable Growth

When providing services under contract, nothing contributes more to profitable growth than  client retention and improving the sustainability  of profit streams from current accounts. Tenacity provides structured processes to excel in these areas.

Client Retention

Worldwide, Tenacity’s clients have proven they can establish the highest retention rates in their markets. Currently,  the Clients for Life Client Retention Process protects over $23 billion in client contracts with some of the largest and most successful service providers in the world.


The future of an organization depends on its ability to continuously provide Relevant Value to clients. The Clients for Life Client Retention Process is a business process that maximizes your organizations capability to provide sustainable value for your clients.

Key Clients Benchmark

The Key Clients Benchmark helps service providers improve their profitability and market share. We recommend an enhanced focus on the 20% of your accounts generating 80% of your profits. Specific insights into their alignment with your overall strategies, the status of your account management initiatives and an assessment of their risk of defection, could prove invaluable.

Online Learning Program

Tenacity's Account Management training program provides online access and digital certification in the proven best practices of key account management. It is scalable, self-paced and builds valuable and practical skills for key account managers.

FreshEyes® Reviews

Client satisfaction surveys are of limited value and are not predictive of client retention. Tenacity consultants meet in-person with your existing clients to gain actionable insight on the risk of defection, the strengthening of relationships and the delivery of Relevant Value. Stop client defections before they happen.

PostMortem Audit®

Those who don't learn are destined to repeat the same mistakes! A PostMortem Audit® is a forensic qualitative in-person meeting with the former client and a Tenacity consultant. We help you understand the hierarchy of reasons for lost contracts or sales proposals and prevent recurrence.

Available for Acquisition

The Founder of Tenacity Inc., and his lead equity Partner, are offering for acquisition, 85% of the outstanding equity and controlling interest in the firm due to their impending planned retirement.

Tenacity was founded in 1986 and is a Georgia “C” corporation. It is an account management and client retention consulting firm protecting over 20 billion USD in 13 countries. Tenacity has served over 70 clients in its history with a strong referral base and a history of significant client success, revenue protection and generation, and proven high ROI for clients.

The acquisition includes all proprietary IP (The Clients for Life® Client Retention Process -including all Registered Trademarks, Service Marks and Copyrights), publishing rights to our three books (over 340k copies sold), extensive internet domain ownership and immediate capture of current revenue streams (License Fees and Royalties from remaining Partners and Associates).

Based on the projected growth of the service economy and increased outsourcing, Tenacity has significant potential for growth. Additional information is available at www.tenacity.com/acquisition.

The Partners are asking $2.9 million in cash for the acquisition of this equity. Only serious and qualified acquirers are asked to respond to info@tenacity.com.


Check out the new Tenacity Podcast.

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