The primary focus of the Center is on providing mobile learning of client retention for the business community. This interactive educational web platform provides access to Tenacity’s proven client retention processes culminating in the earning of a “Digital Badge“, a powerful new credentialing mechanism offered by Tenacity Inc.
John Gamble (Tenacity Founder & Principal) and Steve Wurzbacher (Tenacity Partner) Will share their knowledge and proven track record along with the Tenacity Partners.
Tenacity’s consulting practice has historically been directed toward large firms in the outsourced service industries where clients are acquired in a long selling cycle and the loss of any one would have a significant negative effect on the firm. The Tenacity Center has been established to expand access to Tenacity’s intellectual property to small and mid-size firms (including professional services firms) and interested individuals. Any organization or individual desiring to learn and apply the principles and practices of world-class client retention process. Senior executives, relationship managers, business development and operations directors will gain significant insight and skill enhancement.

Firms who invest in their people by enrolling them in The Tenacity Center programs and other activities will be positioned to significantly elevate the organization’s skills and experience higher rates of client retention and contract renewal.

The focal point of the Client Retention Mobile Learning is an internet accessible family of self-learning products built on the Rali platform. Rali is the leading online authoring tool transforming educational content and intellectual property into a “gamified format providing inspiring and engaging learning experiences.
The account management processes embedded in Clients for Life client retention process focus on:

 1) an expectations-based value creation model, 

2) nurturing professional relationships, 

3) managing the technical aspects of the service and delivering innovation. A common language and built in accountability are created allowing companies to dramatically increase both client satisfaction and retention.

Interested executives can learn more about the Tenacity Center and the Digital Badge in Account Management by accessing our White Paper. If you become convinced, as we are, that your company will benefit from improving relationships, and ultimately getting better at keeping the clients you’ve worked so hard to get, you will want to subscribe to the Digital Badge in Client Retention.


Tenacity in collaboration with TLC and Rali will customized programs for individual clients. These programs may emphasize specific components of the Clients for Life® client retention process as they relate to unique account management needs, and, as appropriate, would incorporate the extensive resources Tenacity Inc. TLC and Rali in the areas of innovation and change management.