Humberto A Patorniti

Partner, Tenacity®


Mr. Patorniti “HAP” corporate career has been defined by his passion for leading growth initiatives, building high performing teams, and for growing profitable business for service organizations. His international background, education, and business expertise expands across healthcare, retail and offshore oilrig businesses. Whether as a General Manager, Vice-President, or as CEO, HAP’s philosophy has been simple: “Engage your team members and they will accomplish the unthinkable.” Deeply committed to education, he was the genesis of a partnership with the Mexican Department of Education to establish an adult degree completion program. This program enabled employees and family members who had not been able to complete their Elementary or High School education to do so. HAP is also a faculty member at Rutgers University Business School, Rutgers’ Executive MBA Program, and its Executive division, both in United States and in Singapore. HAP imparts his professional experience in several graduate courses that include Global Management Strategy, Corporate Level Strategy, Business Strategy, and International Businesses. He continues to be a dedicated mentor to business executives and Graduate students.

Hobbies and Interests

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