Wonderful Pedagogy In My Cohort
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Wonderful Pedagogy In My Cohort

Wonderful Pedagogy In My Cohort


Wonderful Pedagogy In My Cohort

I must confess that, as an Executive in Residence at The Coles College of Business, I am coming to really enjoy academia.  Perhaps because it reminds me so much of home – where I get to be around a lot of people, all of whom are way smarter than I am.  Why, just in the title of the blog, I’m using two new words that I recently learned and that I am finding very useful indeed.

Recently, John and I participated in a cohort (in this case, a group of students progressing through a curriculum together) for the new Account Management online learning platform.  Dr. Gary Selden, who directs the Tenacity Center, served as our proctor.  Eighteen KSU EMBA graduates participated along with us and we enjoyed encouraging and learning from one another as we progressed toward earning our Digital Badges.

The participants represented a variety of companies and we were mightily encouraged by many of the testimonials we received.  A sampling follows:

“It was a great learning experience. Your team did a great job putting this together. I had learned a lot from it.”

“I really enjoyed the program.  Balancing work, extensive business travel and a family the Account Management workload was perfect and so was the pace.  I loved the mixed learning aspects, I found myself taking notes- rewinding the video to capture something again.”

“I’m really enjoying the course by the way!!  It is a great system for client retention and incorporates all the best practices that I have learned through the Baldrige Framework for Excellence in the Customer category relative to gathering, measuring and managing customer expectations as an approach to client retention.”

Pedagogy, by the way, refers to the art and science of teaching.  All of us are increasingly convinced that Jubi’s gamification platform, within which we have integrated the principles of the Clients for Life® client retention process, is a remarkably effective teaching tool that has a unique way of embedding proven best practices and making them “sticky”.  Simply stated, after around 20 – 30 hours of self-paced learning, we’re turning out senior account managers who, in their own words, are significantly more effective at managing and retaining their key clients.  How can that be anything but great pedagogy?

In 2017, the Tenacity Center will field four separate cohorts (February, May, September and December).  We will issue invitations for available classroom seats, at a deep discount, on a first come – first served basis to individuals (OK – guinea pigs) who would be interested in testing our account management curriculum on behalf of their companies.  Please let us know, by responding to this email if you, or a designee, would be interested in evaluating the course.  It may be one of the best investments you’ll make in 2017.

After all – great account management contributes to great client retention.  And we all know that, “If you leave client retention to chance, the chances are you’ll lose the clients you’ve worked so hard to get.”

Steve, John and Gary