Why a Trusted 3rd Party?
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Why a Trusted 3rd Party?

Why a Trusted 3rd Party?

Why a Trusted 3rd Party?

“We see things not as they are… we see things as we are.” (Fran Lebowitz)

Interviewing our client’s clients is one of the most valued services Tenacity provides. These assessments are FreshEyes® Reviews (existing clients) and PostMortem Auditssm (lost clients).

We meet with each member of the Web of Influence® intending to achieve two objectives:

  1. Assess the state of the service relationship and identify any factors which may put the contract at risk.
  2. Benchmark how the account is being managed against key Clients for Life® principles, which we know to be ‘best practices’ in client management.

Clients usually ask us, early on, “Can’t we do these ourselves?”  The short answer is yes, however, there are some important reasons that we can do them so much better:

  • As an independent 3rd party, we are there strictly to listen to the clients, not to defend, justify or rationalize any actions that may have taken place. Not knowing the background, or any context, is a big advantage and allows us to fully function as the advocate of the client.
  • The interpersonal dynamic of interviewing is easier for a third party.  Individuals directly associated with the provider feel an obligation to respond in the dialogue.  When that happens, the ability to listen effectively is degraded, simply because the conscious mind goes to work formulating responses at the same time the client is speaking.  Of course, this is precisely the time the interviewer should be completely focused on listening and probing. 

“The opposite of talking is not listening … the opposite of talking is waiting to talk.” (Fran Lebowitz)

Without exception, the client personnel we meet with come away flattered, knowing that our client has invested in a professional third party to conduct these interviews. Importantly, they believe their opinions and feedback are valued and that our client cares deeply about the success of the contracting relationship.

The follow up to the FreshEyes Review creates an opportunity for our clients, not only to respond directly to the most urgent problems, but to capitalize on opportunities and create new channels of productive communication with their client.

Wouldn’t you agree that your most important clients – those that you not only don’t want to lose, but can’t afford to lose – deserve this level of attention and investment?

John & Steve