We Are Not Alone
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We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

Through these blog posts, you have mostly become acquainted with John and me. It’s definitely about time you learned more about the rest of our leadership team.  We’ve shot some new footage and updated our site with short bios of the other Principals and Associates in the firm.  We encourage you to hear from them directly, up close and personal, at: http://www.tenacity.com/the-partners/.  (You can also navigate directly to your left.)


It’s interesting (to us anyway) that, with the exception of Marco and Martijn in the Netherlands, everyone else has been a Tenacity client – or a client of one – prior to joining the firm. In other words, they knew what they were getting in to – and we believe that says a great deal.  They share our passion for the work and are equally as convicted about the value that the Clients for Life® client retention process can deliver for their clients.

They’re a multi-talented and accomplished group:

Marty Zobel – A three-time Tenacity client – founder of two different professional staffing firms and senior executive in a third.  Marty doubles as our other general aviation pilot, along with John.

Randy Salisbury – Our advertising industry and marketing services guru, Randy’s experience with Tenacity dates back over 30 years when he was managing clients for Fitzgerald & Co. in Atlanta.

Alan Guy – Alan was formerly CEO of a large hospital system in eastern Tennessee.  He had the unique perspective of experiencing Clients for Life from the recipient side of the desk and brings that unique perspective to his own clients now.

Humberto A. Patorniti – A former Sodexo executive, HAP recently retired as President of their Mexico business.  He was instrumental, in the early 90’s, in shaping and piloting Tenacity’s account management paradigm.

John Douglas – Our Canadian partner in Tenacity International, eh?  John was a senior operations executive in Sodexo Canada, a long-time Tenacity client.

While admittedly (and regretfully) we are not terribly diverse, we do bring a wide range of experiences and expertise to our teaching and our client engagements.  And, as you can see, with HAP and our Amsterdam partners, we do so now in three languages. Our new partnership with the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University (The Tenacity Center for Account Management and Client Retention) brings even more expertise into the fold.

Our collective vision is still to be the place you would go to find the most experienced, innovative, relevant and accessible thought and process leadership around managing and retaining high value clients.

Thanks for being interested in what we are doing.

Steve & John