The 10 Commandments
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The 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments

In Exodus 20, Moses ascended Mt. Sinai, spoke directly to God, and returned with the sacred laws by which God’s chosen people, the Israelites, were to live.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, approximately 3,500 years later, my partner John Gamble, painstakingly, observed the common behaviors and practices of the most successful client relationship managers he could find, then, painstakingly, distilled them into a ten-item list.  Those Ten Commandments of client retention have undergirded the Clients for Life® Client Retention Process over the last three decades.  Unlike The 10 Commandments, they may not prove to be relevant three millennia from now, but they’ve worked pretty well for some of the world’s leading service management companies that Tenacity is privileged to list as our clients.

Here’s our ten, as revealed in our first book, “What Your Clients Won’t Tell You And Your Managers Don’t Know”:

1.     Client retention begins with the “Right Clients” under the “Right Terms.

2.     Start the contract according to the client’s expectations.

3.     Expect your client to have expectations you didn’t expect they would have.

4.     Always protect your client’s interests.

5.     Client retention is not an event… it is a daily process.

6.     When people change, everything has the potential to change.

7.     Keep track of past clients throughout their careers.

8.     The worst time to renew a contract is when it is due for renewal.

9.     The end of a contract doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship.

10.  How you close a contract is just as important as how you start one.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll unpack much of the thinking behind these Commandments and offer a few insights into their application. Certainly there are other keys to effective client relationship management and retention – and we’d be interested in your thoughts and ideas.  We can definitely promise one thing though – nothing negative or harmful has ever happened to a client relationship by adhering to these principles.  Strict obedience, however, might just help to make the job of the account manager absolutely heavenly.

Throughout the years, many of our clients have suggested addition to the list.  We have always welcomed that.  Do you have any thoughts you’d share by leaving a comment?