Tenacity | Management Challenge
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Management Challenge

If there is one thing that became clear in our over 30 years’ experience, it is that the current results are always the outcome of the current vision/believes in an organization. The way the management thinks, determines where the organization focusses.

Challenge yourself and your senior managers sometime on your vision on client retention and client profitability. Why do we have the issues we have? What is the real source of client retention? And how can we effectively influence the profitability in our client contracts?

The purpose of a management challenge by Tenacity is to develop a collective vision on client retention and – profitability in your management team. A vision that unites and gives energy to change.

This inspiring workshop is thought provoking and will be thoroughly prepared and tailored to your organization. Your vision, your real-life examples and your issues will be continuous involved. And Tenacity shares her insights from hundreds of other managed service companies and from what thousands of decision makers in outsourcing companies have told us over the years.