Keynote Speaking
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Keynote Speaking

John and Steve published their first book, “What Your Clients Won’t Tell You and Your Managers Don’t Know” in 1995. Their second book, “Why Good Clients Fire Great Companies” was published in 2001. The keynotes, that John and Steve deliver, bring to life the client loyalty and key account management principles and methodologies introduced in these highly acclaimed books. They use compelling multimedia and audience participation opportunities to capture interest, entertain, teach and motivate.


Key takeaways from their keynote “Client Retention In A Low-Bid World” include:

  • Despite what you might be hearing, losing clients is not all about price. (Price is a convenient excuse though.)
  • Great account management is a precursor to high client retention. Tenacity has the best process in the world – but it still only gets you 30% of the way home.
  • Nearly all companies over-invest in new business acquisition and under-invest in client loyalty, when viewed in a true ROI context. (We’ll prove it.)
  • Few companies have a formal client retention process – let alone one that can withstand the onslaught of highly skilled and motivated competitive sales forces. (You’re going to need the best defense you can get.)

Audiences consistently give their highest ratings to John and Steve and their feedback confirms that they particularly value the practical applications of the Clients for Life™ client retention process.

Steve, you were fabulous… You did a fantastic job of engaging the audience, making them laugh and really driving home some points we needed to hear… You are on the very top of my recommendation list.

Amanda Pauley