FreshEyes® Reviews
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FreshEyes® Reviews

Stop client defections before they happen!

Tenacity’s process protects over $23 billion in revenues for some of the world’s leading companies.

Now, for the first time, Tenacity is unbundling its FreshEyes® Review methodology allowing companies an insightful look into the sustainability of their most critical client relationships.

What is a FreshEyes Review?

The FreshEyes Review is a series of one on one in-person interviews at your client’s location conducted by a Tenacity consultant.

Which clients should we do FreshEyes Reviews with?

If you’re like most of the firms we work with, 20% of your clients account for about 80% of your gross income. They’re the ones you simply can’t afford to lose. We recommend a FreshEyes Review every two years, at a minimum, or sooner if people or conditions change significantly.

Whom do you interview?

Key decision-makers, who have the ability to hire you, fire you or influence those who do. (This is called The Web of Influence®)

What do you talk about?

We use proven open-ended questions to explore: 1) key expectations and performance, 2) relationship quality and depth, and 3) technical performance and delivery of relevant innovation. We actively listen, and adeptly probe, to peel back actionable information. The interviews are digitally recorded (with permission) and transcribed to ensure accuracy, completeness and corroboration.

How will my client perceive this?

Very positively. Our experience has been that they feel flattered in knowing you’ve invested seriously in the relationship. Tenacity’s consultants leave them confident that their viewpoints have been heard and valued in a professional interchange. Each Tenacity consultant has a track record of successful experience in the specific industry or profession they specialize in.

What do I receive as output?

Tenacity’s consultant will call or message you within 2 hours of the final interview to provide a verbal briefing with the headlines of the meetings. A written report detailing the consultant’s impressions and direct excerpts from the dialogue will be submitted within 10 business days.

How do we follow-up?

Tenacity recommends a specific approach tailored to address unmet needs and opportunities and to enrich and sustain key relationships. We are available to lead you through it.

Is there anything else?

Yes. After 10 reviews have been completed, we will prepare a Common Threads / Common Threats analysis. This presentation will highlight issues that arise repeatedly and may represent systemic issues affecting the value proposition (either positively or negatively).

Does this replace Customer Satisfaction Surveys we are doing now?

Not necessarily. First, Client Satisfaction and Client Retention are not the same things. (Great companies lose good and well-satisfied clients all the time for a host of reasons unrelated to satisfaction levels.) Our focus is on the retention of your most valued customers and clients.

Second, the FreshEyes Review provides richer data because we gain trust by being there in person, developing trust and probing effectively.

And finally, we are reaching all key decision makers – the full Web of Influence is involved, not just one survey respondent.