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We believe, and prove time and time again, you can keep every key account you wish to keep. This is why we do what we do. And it is what our clients contacts us for. Even a small improvement in your ability to retain your clients has an enormous effect on the profitability of your organization. In working together with our clients, we never failed to returned less then 400% on their investment.

Every year we speak with hundreds of decision makers within large outsourcing companies like your clients. Companies that contract managed services. For over 30 years these insights put us in a unique position to lead our clients to retention and profitability of their key-accounts.

All of this knowledge and best practices are incorporated in our Clients for Life® Client Retention Process.

The core of our services consists of structurally improving results on retention and profitability of key-accounts. It is not the result of a department or individuals. It’s an organizational competence. Management, sales and operations are all involved. And each has its own role to play.

When we work together on this competence in your organization, we often go through three phases:

  • Analyze. Making systemic defects visible that interfere with results;
  • Improve. Where improvement is possible, we present you with best practices from our Clients for Life Process;
  • Embed. Only when our best practices have become your common practices, our work is done. A competence is only a competence when the results proof so and new behavior has become a way of life.

But not all organizations need this integral approach in our services. We have been able to help more than a few organizations with specific parts of our services.

Below we describe some of the services we happily provide by itself and might bring a lot of value to your organization.

Management Challenge

The way management thinks, determines where the organization focusses. If there is one think that became clear in our over 30 years’ experience, is that the current results are always the consequence of the current vision/believes in an organization.

Online Learning Program

The Account Management training program covers all parts of the process with the aim of understanding the principles behind the process, the workings of the instruments and how they are connected.

FreshEyes® Review

Forget client satisfaction surveys. What you need is concrete information on the sustainability of the relationship with your most important clients and insight in the strength of your value proposition. Stop client defections before they happen!

PostMortem Audit®

Those who won’t learn are destined to repeat the same mistakes! A PostMortem Audit® is a qualitative research technique designed to assist managed services providers in understanding the reasons for the lost contracts or sales proposals.