“Rev X” – The Big Chill
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“Rev X” – The Big Chill

“Rev X” – The Big Chill

Rev X – The Big Chill

Sometimes when you think the news can’t get worse, it does.  As we’ve seen over the last three blogs, we’ve done our job exceedingly well – solved the client’s problems and increased our margins.  Still, due to the inevitable passage of time, fewer problems become the “new normal” and the client perceives a widening “Value Gap”.  We’re looking at the world through a very different lens from our client and, if we fail to see things from their perspective, we’re vulnerable.

Then it gets worse – the “Big Chill” occurs when there is a key change in the client’s Web of Influence®.  We already know from Tenacity Commandment #6 “When People Change, Everything Has The Potential To Change.” (See blogpost dated July 29, 2013 http://clientretention.com/the-blog/page/2/). When we depict the change graphically, the alarm bells should begin to sound:



So let us ask (and answer) a few questions to illustrate the threat:

Q: Which way does the new client contact look – toward the future or the past?

A: They look toward the future.  They care about what happens on their watch.

Q: As they look toward the future, what do they see?

A: The “Value Gap”.  They see a relatively smooth running and problem-free operation and a big check payable to you in their operating budget.

Q: Will this happen with every single account you have if you are doing your job well?

A: Yes.

Q: Don’t they know and care about all the problems you had to solve when you got there and how little you were making during that time?

A: No.

Q: Do competitive sales people understand this graph and can they propose to provide the services at a lower price?

A: Sure they do and they can easily propose to provide the services for less because you’ve already done the heavy lifting by solving all the problems.

Feel the chill?