Relax – The Eyes Have It
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Relax – The Eyes Have It

Relax – The Eyes Have It

Relax – The Eyes Have It

Last week we talked about the stress inherent in managing large complex clients in a highly competitive environment.  The more effective we are at dealing with stress and counteracting it, the better we’ll be in our business and the whole of our lives.

Whatever else we might recommend, the best strategy remains to relinquish outcomes and focus on achieving excellence in process.  This requires a foundational element of spiritual insight and maturity.

There is a tactical component also.  It involves our vision – our physiological vision.  Some deep background is relevant to our understanding.

Our ancient ancestors – particularly the “Hunters”, relied heavily on their peripheral vision for survival.  After all, that’s where the threats in their environment were – the saber tooth tigers, etc.  Modern man has lost much of this side visual ability over the years.  Our days now are spent looking straight ahead – at TV, computers, driving and reading.  This is called foveal vision.

Restricted peripheral vision is, on it’s own, stress inducing.  Indeed, if you simply put “side blinders” on an average person, then monitor autonomic human stress indicators (respiration, heart rate, galvanic skin response, etc.) they all spike.  The uncertainty of not knowing what is to the sides causes stress and even fear.

Fortunately, the antidote is found in strengthening and activating the peripheral vision ability.  Doing so requires training and exercise.  There are many online resources, as example (

Here’s where you will find the most relevant applications:

Martial Arts – Activating peripheral vision is critical to effective defense against multiple threats and is a higher-level skill in these disciplines.

Polygraph Tests – Hopefully no one among us will be the subject of a lie detector test anytime soon, but activating peripheral vision relaxation technique is the key used by those individuals who defeat them.

Golf – Employing peripheral vision and peripheral awareness in short to mid-range putting is a tremendously effective technique to convert more putts.  This process (called “Peripheral Fusion Lock – or PFL) was invented by my dear friend Dr. Stuart Tasman and has even been used successfully as a cure for the dreaded “yips”.  After all, relaxing and getting blood flow back into the hands is necessary for maximum feel.  (Interested golfers receiving the blog can reply to my email and I will be happy to send more detailed information about PFL.)

Learning how to activate our peripheral vision skills has the potential to make us better account managers and business partners by imparting a more relaxed – easy to be with – persona. Importantly, this naturally relaxes those around us improving our effectiveness.

Managing clients is still hard, golf is still very hard, but understanding how our minds and bodies work can help us be at our best and enjoy it a great deal more.