Podcast Preview
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Podcast Preview

Tenacity Podcasts

EpisodeSession #File #Title
112220This is Our First Podcast
213935Who We Are, How it Started, Our Clients, and Why We Matter to Them
314605Client Retention in a Low Bid World
415329How This Whole Thing Started
515928The Meaning of Tenacity
610536On Becoming Renegades - Our Journey
7111620What's in a Number?
8112009How Can You Claim to Be the Leader?
9112237Are You Over-investing in Aquiring New Clients?
10112721The Miracle of Client Retention
11114451Just the Facts, Ma'am
12114937Seven Questions
13115354The Top Ten
14115739The Three Keys to Profitable Growth
15120228The Three Keys to Profitable Growth - The Outcome
16120856Is 100% Client Retention Possible?
17121225Client Satisfaction vs. Client Retention
19122134Please, Don't Kick Me Out of the Fraternatiy
20122610Hunters and Farmers
21123254The Two Most Important Business Decisions You'll Ever Make
2221236Account Management and Clients for Life
2321559Three Pillars - We'll Jump Around, Though
2422020Is No News Ever Really Good News?
2522411Pareto's Principle and Account Management
2622830Our Words, Our Actions
2723230Great Quotations
2823924Let's Move On to Expectations
2924357Be A Hero
3024852It's Not Just About the Client's Expectations
3125254Where on Earth Did That Expectation Come From?
3225735Exceed Expectations by How Much?
33210245Why Prioritize Expectations?
34211137So, How Can You Ever Lose Them?
35211632The Dreaded Question
36212234Thoughts on Nurturing Professional Business Relationships
37202411You Are Almost Always More Important Than You Think
38213434People Don't Care
39214346Like a Spider
40214802Observations on Relationships
41215416 & 15815On Technical Delivery
42220346Rev X - What's Wrong with This Picture?
43220812Revelation X - Yes, This Really Does Happen