Tenacity | PostMortem Audit®
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PostMortem Audit®


Those who won’t learn are destined to repeat the same mistakes!

What is a PostMortem Audit®?

It is a qualitative research technique designed to assist professional management companies in understanding the reasons for the lost contracts or sales proposals.

How does it work?

Tenacity consultants conduct one-on-one interviews at the client’s facility with the client personnel selected by the operational team. Naturally, the client personnel chosen should be in a position of authority and/or influence relative to your sales proposal or past contract. These interviews are conducted at the client’s location and last from thirty to forty five minutes each.

What do you talk about?

The conversations include discussions regarding the client’s expectations, the quality of the relationships between the people representing the organizations and the issues surrounding the technical performance of the company that’s hired Tenacity.

How many interviews do you do?

We suggest that a minimum of three interviews be conducted with each client organization. There is no upper limit. The more client personnel we interview, the better able we are to compare and contracts their perspectives. If we do less than three interviews per client organization, our experience suggests we won’t be able to identify the common concerns or issues that might explain the reasons for the lost proposal or contract.

Why can’t we conduct these interviews ourselves?

You can. However, since Tenacity’s consultant, is a “third party,” he or she is able to listen to the client’s comments from a different perspective than most company representatives involved in the management of the contract. Tenacity’s consultants do not have any political positions to protect or “baggage.” They simply listen to the client’s comments and probe to understand the feelings behind them.

One way to describe what Tenacity’s consultants do might be called “naive listening.” That is, listening with the intent to understand, rather than to explain and/or justify an action.

What will be the results of investing in the PostMortem Audit® process?

You will receive a report within ten days of the last interview that will detail the conversation. The report will highlight the most important points the client made, as well as the client’s concerns and or/compliments. Tenacity’s consultants will also provide you with his/her impressions of the overall situation at the account and the issues he believes lead to the loss of the contract or might have resulted in a lost proposal.

In other words, the CFL Interviewer will get at the “truth”?

Not, not really because it is impossible to get at the truth after a 45 minute interview! What Tenacity’s consultants will provide, is a perspective that is somewhat different from that of your management team. Combining your team’s experience with the Tenacity consultant’s perspective usually results in new insights that can be used to manage other accounts or the sales process more effectively.

How do we arrange to get the process started?

Just reach out to us at www.tenacity.com via email or call at 404-310-6763 and we’ll take it from there.