Our Words – Our Actions
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Our Words – Our Actions

Our Words – Our Actions

Our Words – Our Actions

Have you ever noticed, or thought deeply about, the beauty of our language?  Particularly interesting is the relatedness of words and their origins, a field known as etymology.  This can be a fascinating study and lend real insight to both their meaning and the nuances of their application.

There are a few I particularly like that are relevant to the work of Tenacity:

Client – The word origin is related to “incline”, i.e., one who leans on another (for services, expertise or advice).

Integrity – Of course the root word is “integrate”.  To have integrity is to integrate what we believe and the principles we espouse with what we actually do.

Revelation – Of course, Tenacity employs this word to diagram “Revelation X” the creation of a value gap when the service provider does their job well.  Unattended, this often leads to the end (termination) of a contract and the loss of a client. See: “Rev X – What’s Wrong With This Picture?” http://clientretention.com/the-blog/page/3/.  Interestingly enough, the word “revelation” makes its first etymological appearance in Patmos, the revelation given to St. John that deals with his visions of the Apocalypse and the end times. Hmmm – end of a contract / end times – interesting connection perhaps?

Discipline stems from the related word “disciple”, i.e. one who rigorously follows the doctrines of a teacher or a school of thought.  To have discipline is to believe and act in this manner, to be a disciple.  As we remind our own clients, “Clients for Life works, but only if you work at it.”  That requires discipline.

All of this to say that we must remind ourselves that the Clients for Life® client retention process centers around words – both spoken and written.  At its core, it is an account management process, which, when done well, leads to great client retention.  It’s about communicating with clients in a fundamentally new way. It’s about the discipline of committing to an “expectations based relevant value creation model” then precisely choosing our words to relentlessly close the loop with the client and affirm the value they are receiving as benchmarked against their expectations.

Words matter.  In the immortal words given to Indiana Jones, “Choose wisely.”


Steve & John