Jailbreak IT (In Your Pocket – Or Purse)
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Jailbreak IT (In Your Pocket – Or Purse)

Jailbreak IT (In Your Pocket – Or Purse)


Jailbreak IT (In Your Pocket – Or Purse)

Steven Covey, in his watershed book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” famously called out: “Begin with the end in mind.”  In keeping with that theme, here’s a picture of an endgame – if you are a senior operations executive focused on retaining the major client contracts your company manages and serving them well by creating recognized value.  (These are the big contracts – ones that you really can’t afford to lose.)

Let’s say that today you are paying a visit to this major account and meeting with your key people who are responsible for managing it.  Of course, you’ll be meeting with the client’s decision makers, after you’ve spent some time with your own team.  What if, prior to your arrival, you could spend a few minutes on your smart phone or tablet and evaluate, in real time, the following metrics:

Who are the key client decision makers – what are their key business and personal interests – how long have they been in place – what role do they play – who are they mapped to in our firm for relationship accountability – how extensive is their influence, how do we assess the quality of our corporate relationship with them and will they give us an “Unqualified Referral”?

Does this client, and the contract we have with them, conform to the key criteria that our senior team has established to ensure we have the opportunity to win with them and create recognized relevant value? Are they the Right Client under the Right Terms?  If they are out of compliance – in what specific areas do they diverge and what is our plan to bring them back?

Are there any warning signs now present that represent red flags, which we know have historically threatened our business?  If so, what actions have we taken to eliminate these threats and how successful have we been in mitigating the salient issues and defending our contract?

What are the client’s prioritized corporate expectations of our performance and the overall relationship that we have with them?  How much time do we have to meet these expectations and what measures is the client using to evaluate our success? Are we meeting regularly with the client to document our accomplishments and ensure the criteria for value creation continue to be valid? When, exactly, did those meetings take place?

Well, if knowledge truly is power (and, of course, it is for modern executives) the Tenacity Center at KSU has an App for that now.  It gives managers a real-time look at the most important measures of best practices that produce success in managing and retaining key accounts.  The App brings immediate accessibility to these KPI’s and prompts you and your executives to ask precisely the right questions at the right times.  It’s the Clients for Life® Client Retention Process in your pocket or purse. When fully deployed, it has the potential to transform your ability to keep and satisfy the clients you’ve worked so hard to acquire.

You can learn more by contacting Dr. Gary Selden, Director of the Tenacity Center at KSU (gselden@kennesaw.edu (470) 578-3191) or hear more about installing Clients for Life at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_nMkk9O9Ns&feature=youtu.be.

In deference to Dr. Covey, the Clients for Life App represents truly transformative end-to-end CRM – and we’ve kept the end in mind such that it can begin for you and your organization right here — right now.  Give us a call – the demo begins February 20th.

Gary, Steve & John