Changing Times – Big News
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Changing Times – Big News

Changing Times – Big News

Changing Times – Big News

 Announcing “The Tenacity® Center for Account Management and Client Retention” at The Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

Tens of thousands – but after all, what’s in a number?  Well, that’s our estimate of the number of managers and executives around the world that have been trained in the principles of the Clients for Life® client retention process over the last 30 years.  Tenacity’s Principals, Partners and Licensees have been doing this work – largely under the radar – for some of the world’s most successful management firms.  Not coincidentally, staking out a clear leadership position in client and contract retention goes a long way toward explaining why they’re successful leaders.  (Many of you that we’ve trained are subscribed to this blog – you know who you are!)

We made the Clients for Life process scalable to enable us to work with very large firms and their often far-flung operations.  We’ve taught in 13 countries and on North Sea oil rigs, infinity pools in Mexico, hospital break rooms and more corporate and hotel conference rooms than we can count.  Regrettably though, we’ve had to turn down requests from many smaller concerns who clearly would stand to benefit from Clients for Life, but whom we simply couldn’t productively scale to serve with our model.

Sure, we sold them books and even did a keynote or two – but there’s a wide gap between knowing what do to (and even why it’s important) – and – knowing how to do it.  This “how to”, including implementation, execution and tracking, is what we teach – and what makes all the difference.

We’re changing that (along with our travel schedules) with the launch of the Tenacity Center for Account Management and Client Retention” at The Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University outside of Atlanta, GA.  Soon, we’ll be announcing that, through a variety of continuing education offerings at Coles, executives, client-facing managers and any and all stakeholders really interested in learning the best practices, tools and techniques around client relationship management and retention will be welcome at the Center’s door.

John and I have each been appointed an “Executive-in-Residence” at The Coles College.  (Undoubtedly, this would come as a major shock to most of my long ago professors who would never believe I could merit free parking at any institution of higher learning.)  Seriously though, we’re proud to be associated with Coles and their outstanding and forward thinking faculty and administration.

We look forward to this partnership with The Coles College and to sharing more of the details in next week’s blog.  For the moment, however, you can find more information at our website (

Until next week,

Steve & John