Can We Talk?
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Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?


Can We Talk?

When we set out to reposition Tenacity last year, we convened a small group of marketing and strategy experts to guide us through the transition.  As we’ve discussed in prior blog posts, we felt it was time to reach a broader audience through contemporary channels and with updated and modern messaging.

One of the best moves we made was to include and engage a social media consultant.  That’s how we met Lucas Acosta, founder of “foojee” (  While their main focus is custom Apple® solutions and training, Lucas and his team really understand today’s changing communication modes.  (I think part of that comes from being young and in-touch — I’m pretty sure I have shoes that are older than Lucas.)

Lucas recommended that we redesign our website (we’ve done that), offer our books in enhanced eBook versions (we’ve done that too) and begin to post a weekly blog (that’s what you’re reading now).  He suggested that the blog should be a tool to begin conversations and encourage observations and comments from our clients, friends and interested observers.  Once you’ve clicked “Keep Reading” and navigated to our website, a button is provided at the end of the post to “Leave a Comment”.

Client retention and effective management of complex client relationships is a very rich subject and a big idea that we believe has been chronically underserved.  It includes sophisticated processes around client selection, the understanding and management of consolidated corporate expectations, managing professional relationships, dealing with changes in key people, creating and sustaining relevant value and strategies for erecting barriers to exit and competitive entry. Our mailing list abounds with people who are widely experienced in these subject matters.

So far, we’ve had a total of 8 comments and 2 of those have been from my beloved wife, for goodness sake – although she does happen to be an expert on the subject! But we’ll continue to put new content out there each week and we hope you’ll want to comment, share experiences and begin a forum to exchange ideas and observations.

We’d love to hear your points of view and to try to answer any questions that may occur to you.  We’d also appreciate any forwarding you might initiate to enroll new subscribers in this select community.

One last thought today – we’re 8 days away from Election Day.  I’m sure our readers are highly likely to cast their ballots on November 6, but we believe it’s equally important to share your thoughts and convictions with the younger people in your life, particularly family, and encourage their thoughtful participation.  So much is at stake, especially for them.

John & Steve