Adventures in Learning
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Adventures in Learning

Adventures in Learning

Adventures in Learning

It has been quite some time between blogs.  Fortunately, we’ve been using the time productively – playing video games.

OK, not exactly.  We have actually been immersed in embracing a whole new process of learning built around the concept of “gameification”.  This is a word we didn’t even know existed three months ago – but it’s the immediate future of learning and executive development – and the current focus of The Tenacity Center at Kennesaw State University.

Younger people want to learn differently today, thanks to the prevalence of social media and digital gaming technology.  They’re no longer well-served by sitting in traditional classrooms, listening to long lectures, reading dry textbooks and taking blue book exams.  Instead, they respond to interactive experiences, modern media, flexible scheduling, online affinity communities and recognized levels of competitive achievement.  Welcome to the new world of knowledge management, training and executive education.  Welcome to Kennesaw State University.

The Coles College of Business at KSU is in the vanguard of this movement and its practical application.  They have invested in “jubi”, an amazing proprietary technology which partners with leading content providers (notably the Clients for Life® client retention process) to literally reinvent corporate learning and facilitate performance improvement.  This is groundbreaking innovation and a continuation of the remarkably bold leadership we are privileged to be partners with at Coles.

Through ‘jubi” (so named to represent the jubilation of learning) the Tenacity Center will launch “The Account Management Academy Online”.  For about the price of an airplane ticket, the Academy will offer approximately 35 hours of Tenacity’s account management training in this most modern of learning environments.  Participants who successfully complete the curriculum will earn a credential from KSU (called a “Digital Badge”) certifying their achievement and adding to their professional skill set.  More importantly, they will be better equipped as key account managers to make the most of their client relationships and improve client retention for their companies.

And, as if we’re not modern enough by now, the Tenacity Center has also engaged with KSU’s MAD Lab (Mobile Application Development Laboratory) to build an “app” for the account management component of Clients for Life. It’s always going to be true that “what gets measured gets done.”  The new Clients for Life app will capture key process components directly on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and make the administration of great account management more efficient, productive and accessible.  All this for about the price of two Venti Lattes.

We’re envisioning an entirely new paradigm for delivering world-class account management training and mentorship to more people in more places with greater impact at a lower cost.  We’re envisioning it in the first quarter of 2016.  We know it’s a big promise, but we have great partners with great vision and tons of tenacity.

To keep us with our progress, check in with the Tenacity Center ( and we’ll keep you posted here.

Steve, John, Gary and Dan