A Good Writer
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A Good Writer

A Good Writer

A Good Writer

We’ve listened well to our client. (2 weeks ago).  We’ve responded appropriately to what we’ve heard. (Last week’s blog.)  We’re effective operators and therefore skilled at deploying our resources and expertise to solve the client’s problems and exceed their prioritized corporate expectations (by just a little bit).  Lastly, we’re adept at leveraging our system capabilities to deliver targeted innovations that circumvent an impending value gap.  Slam-dunk!! — What could be left to do?

Simply stated – write it down.  “We must document our successes, because out failures will document themselves.” (John Gamble)

Conducting effective and timely Expectations Sessions give us a clear, specific and measurable roadmap as to how the client defines value.  Aligning our operating plan directly to exceed these expectations ensures that we remain on track in providing it.  The last piece of the puzzle is the documentation – our opportunity to write the history and manage the PR.  Here’s why this is important:

Our best opportunity to communicate with the Web of Influence® (particularly those members who are at senior levels and somewhat removed from the day-to-day) is to do so in writing.  Since they participated in the Expectations Sessions, they should be copied on the good news of our achievements.  This keeps our value front and center in their minds.

Documentation is the fodder that feeds Transition Lite meetings when people change.  That’s “when” people change, not “if”.  Our ability to document our successes to new Web of       Influence members helps us provide continuity and erect a barrier to competitive entry.

That same documented history will prove especially useful to our own successor, since if we’re really doing all of this well, we’re bound to be getting promoted pretty soon.

Listen, respond and document.  It’s reminiscent of the sage advice given years ago to my wife Bonnie from a valued mentor – former Coca-Cola CEO Doug Ivester: “Communicate Precisely / Activate Aggressively / Follow-up Relentlessly

Great wisdom seldom goes out of style.  Neither does a compelling written history of value creation when it comes to great client management.