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What Gets Measured Gets Done

What Gets Measured Gets Done


What Gets Measured Gets Done

The theory of Occam’s Razor tells us the simplest solutions are often the best. In our many years of teaching the Clients for Life® Client Retention Process, and managing its implementation, the truism “What Gets Measured Gets Done” has been a simple and profound truth.  And that leads to a story.

We served a client some time ago that ultimately found great success with Clients for Life.  The CEO was completely bought in and engaged, both in theory and in practice.  During the early stage of implementation, while visiting one of their operations, he happened to notice the Clients for Life binder on the bookshelf of the Account Manager’s office. (Note: Binders and forms were the way we did things way back when.)  The AM had been to Clients for Life training several months prior.

As he examined the binder, it quickly became evident that the AM had not used it at all since returning from training.  No expectations, no relationship data, no relevant client communications – nothing had been activated.  Realizing this, our CEO closed the binder and summarily deposited it in the nearby trashcan, saying, “This binder seems to just be taking up space for you.  Clearly our investment in training you has been a waste of both time and money.”

The company-wide traction that Clients for Life received changed dramatically that day.  It didn’t take long for that story to traverse the grapevine and reach the other 400+ accounts the company managed.  Behavior changed – things got done.

While the adage is true and timeless, “What Gets Measured Gets Done” the tools now are modern and effective.  No more forms and binders.  The Tenacity App is available for both iOS and Android and free with the Digital Badge in Account Management offered through Kennesaw State University.  The App easily and conveniently measures the key elements of account management and client retention that creates action in the organization.  Clients for Life is full of best practices, but unless they are measured and practiced, at the end of the day, they really won’t matter.

We have a Cohort starting February 20th to give our clients an opportunity to experience the training and the App and evaluate its efficacy for their companies.  We suggest that you select someone in your organization, whom you trust, to evaluate the platform.  Registering is simple, just call Dr. Gary Selden at KSU at (470) 578-3191, or email him at gselden@kennesaw.edu and he’ll walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.